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Freedom from dog dirty
duty offered by service

By Heidi Wallenborn

     Ah, the joys of owning a dog or two.  Faithful companion, silent listener, and one who dirties up your yard with waste.
     The waste is not the tipping-over-garbage-cans kind, either.
     Scoop Doggie Dog wants to come to your rescue.
     The pet waste removal service owned by Mark and Becky Walker of Vancouver offers to serve people who either don't have the time, ability or desire to clean up their beloved pooch's mess, said Walker.
     "People love being able to properly care for their dogs without having to deal with all the mess," Walker said.
     He said Scoop Doggie Dog can give freedom from one of life's least enjoyable duties, and also eliminates the smelly garbage can syndrome.
     Walker is offering an introductory package for all new clients.  The first visit is free with two paid visits, not including a catch-up cleaning.
     "Catch-up cleaning is when there's more than one dog-month of accumulation in a yard," Walker said.  "That cost is around $35.  But not every yard needs a catch-up."
     Typical fees for one week range from $8.00-$14 for one to four dogs.  If twice a week service is required, the fee is $6.50-$10.50 per visit, for one to four dogs. 
     Walker said he doesn't require a contract. Starting and stopping service is just as easy as scooping up the phone.  There is no minimum service period, and he requires no advance notice to cancel service.
     Scoop Doggie Dog uses sanitary methods of cleaning by wearing boots, gloves and safety glasses.  They also prevent the spread of disease by using a cleaning solution used after every stop on all equipment used.  The solution kills canine parvovirus, distemper and pseudorabies virus among others, Walker said.
     Giving the gift of a clean yard to a loved one is a good idea, as well, Walker said.  He offers one month gift certificates.
     Walker can be contacted at Scoop Doggie Dog by calling 360-750-9603 or 503-626-3499.  The company's website is located at

Reprinted courtesy of The Reflector, Battle Ground, WA.

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