Scoop Doggie Dog eliminates your worst
pet-owning chore.

Our trained staff will come to your home every week, collect all that your dog has left behind and remove it so you won't ever have to deal with it.

We also do "Catch-Up" cleanings for when the yard hasn't been maintained in a while.

Weekly cleaning for one dog is $8.00
Weekly cleaning for two dogs is $10.50
Weekly cleaning for three dogs is $12.25

"Catch-up" rates vary depending on the severity of the yard

As an introductory offer to new clients, sign up today and receive your first weekly visit FREE*.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.
If you are ever not satisfied with the service you receive, let us know within 24 hours of our visit and we will come back and make it right within 24 hours - or refund your money.
                                                           Mark S. Walker

Call (360) 750-9603, (503) 626-3499 or click here now and enjoy a clean yard, hassle-free.